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    My daily writing--emails, journal entries, marginalia, more emails, blog posts, and tweets--shapes me as a writer, helping and hindering the big stuff I'm trying to accomplish. Every word counts.

    My name is James Black. I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Friend and/or follow me if you like.

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Can I Help You Find Something?

You’re looking for something, so you type some search terms and get some blog called Quota. You’re pulled in by the elegant prose and can’t help but admire the depth of the writer’s insight, but you wonder why the Web 2.0 oracle directed you to some whiny writer’s blog when you were looking for a Donny and Marie lunchbox. How did that happen?

Good question.

Short answer: Hell if I know.

But your journey to my virtual front porch fascinates me, dear reader. Actually, the Donny & Marie lunchbox example isn’t completely illogical. I’ve written about having an Osmond Brothers lunchbox. Pop culturally speaking, Donny & Marie (as a duo, not individuals) is the next logical step (would that be up?).

It also makes sense that the greatest number of hits have resulted from searches involving some kind of self-praise. I’ve written about that, too. I consider myself an expert on that topic and am sure you would agree.

Searches using the word “quota” have brought a lot of visitors, too. It’s the title of the blog, so that makes sense. But what’s an “inspiration quota,” and who searched for it seven times? Let the fascination roll.

I’ve also made reference to a “keyboard solo” and have gotten some hits from that phrase. I’m guessing that I’ve disappointed many of you readers who did not find the kind of info they were looking for. While most of you looking for keyboard solo advice simply wanted general information on writing and playing, a few of you were hoping to learn solos for specific songs, like the 80s arena sound of “Don’t Let Him Go.” Sorry, I don’t know that one. I’ve heard it, though, and can safely say I’m determined not to live in the past.

The most intriguing of all the search terms is “uck.” It’s provided 26 hits. To be fair, 24 of my 73 posts include the string “uck.” That’s a lot of ucking in just over a year.

Keep fascinating me, dear readers. I sense that things are really clicking between us.

One Response

  1. Someone ucked up.

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