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    My daily writing--emails, journal entries, marginalia, more emails, blog posts, and tweets--shapes me as a writer, helping and hindering the big stuff I'm trying to accomplish. Every word counts.

    My name is James Black. I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Friend and/or follow me if you like.

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The Great Chain of Being in Contact

My friend Jane posted this on my Facebook wall: “Had a lovely imaginary conversation with you yesterday, which made me think it’s time for a real one.” Which brought to mind categories of conversations.

Face-to-Face: Or F2F. This kind of conversation happens in real time. You get to experience the facial expressions and gestures of the person you’re talking to and receive and give immediate feedback.

Presentational: Somewhat F2F, but one speaker addresses many audience members. If there’s time for questions, which in a very limited way resembles conversation, some jackass usually eats up the time by spouting nonsense in an attempt to outshine the speaker. Continue reading

Okay, Now You.

As expected, my first posts are not representative of my typical output. Post-retreat, I feel at risk of slacking, although I’ve done pretty well. I’ve switched from generative writing mode to revise-and-send mode. I’ve already revised a very short piece and sent it out (fingers crossed). There are two or three other pieces that need to get out into the world, then I’ll get back to the novel.

Today was my first day back to work. I wrote ten emails, which is a pretty typical per-day total during summer months. This evening, I’ve sent nine emails, and I’ve sent about 150 lines of chat. It could have been a more productive writing day, to be sure.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What did you write today? Did you communicate via email, chat, or texting? Did you work on poetry, fiction, or a novel or play? What did you accomplish that you wanted to? What did you write because you had to? Please share by posting a comment.

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